Welcome Note From the Managing Trustee

PSG & Sons Charities is an eighty one year saga of service to the community. We strive to continue this through PSG Hospitals. This multispeciality hospital of 1300 beds offers comprehensive care under one roof. It combines state of the art facilities with a humane touch and welds the face of technology with a social conscience.

The Trust also has a strong history of education and research. Having its academic affiliations with the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, the PSG College of Nursing, the PSG College of Paramedical Sciences and the PSG College of Pharmacy, the institution strives to achieve the highest standards in medical care. In its pursuit of excellence in patient care, we bring together a dedicated team of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Spread across 94 acres, and alongside the health sciences academic institutions, PSG Hospitals is located in inspiring settings.