Health Plan

PSG Health Plan offers various health check-up programmes. Through these comprehensive programmes, diseases like diabetes, hypertension, anaemia, cardiac disorders, kidney disorders, neurological diseases, liver problems, respiratory disorders, occupation related health problems and even cancers can be identified at an early treatable stage. These health check-up programmes require no hospital stay.


900 bedded HITECH multi-Speciality hospital.

List of Health Checkup Programs

 Executive Health Checkup

 Master Health Checkup

 Senior Citizen's Health Checkup for Men

 Senior Citizen's Health Checkup for Women

 Sweet Check

 Comprehensive Diabetic Checkup

 Pre-employment Checkup


1.Please come to the department at 8 am with empty stomach. You will be required to give fasting blood samples. Breakfast will be provided at the department. All the formalities, including registration and billing are done at the department.

2 No Hospital Stay.

Personal Care

 1.You will be seen by specialists in the various departments, and will be seen by a senior physician for a complete and final evaluation.

 2. Dieticians will give you counseling regarding your diet.

 3.You will be guided by volunteers.

 4.Priority will be given to you at the diagnostic service areas.

 5.The department has a clean and pleasant ambience, and all the facilities to take care of your needs