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Health Update

Do you want to be healthy? Then its definitely for you.

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  • Find ways to move your body.
  • Reduce stress by involving in an interesting daily activity like plant-watering, etc.,
  • Maintain a positive mental outlook.
  • Eat more vegetables, fruit and grains.
  • Avoid fried foods. Choose baked, broiled, boiled, roasted, steamed and grilled.
  • Undergo regular body checkups once you cross 40yrs.
  • Tea contains antioxidants that neutralise “free radicals” that are thought to cause cancer.
  • Include a fruit and a vegetable variety in your daily meal.
  • Attempt to make eating a pleasant experience. Engage in agreeable conversation at mealtimes.
  • Increase Incidental Activity-Take the stairs, walk or ride, park further away, cook dinner instead of dialing fat in.Whole body activities are best.