The Dietary Department of PSG Hospitals is multi-faceted offering therapeutic diet which is prescribed by the doctors, conducting diet clinics, organizing diet camps and serving the doctors and staff of PSG Hospitals. Individual and family counseling is available through full time dieticians.

A large team of dedicated and committed Registered Dietitians, supportive staff and sanitary team ensure safe and dependable dietary services.

In Patient Services

The dietary department of PSG Hospitals provides the following inpatient services.

• At your request room services.

• The patients are offered a wide choice of food items based on the diet requirements suggested by the doctors. All efforts would be made to provide special meals catering to the patients in accordance with their disease condition.

• Individual nutritional care is provided to all in-patients

• Patients will be provided with educational materials to understand the right kind of diet for their disease condition.

Diet Clinic

Each of us are individuals, no two people are alike. We eat different foods, exercise at different rates and times, and consume different amounts of vitamins and minerals. We all require the same basic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Yet, it is determining the right amount of each substance for each individual that helps him / her fend off disease. Proper nutrition is an essential aspect of diagnosis and treatment. Nutrient related disorder can be cured once nutritional balance is achieved.

Disease can result when the balance among all of the foods and nutrients we take or avoid is disrupted. Health can be restored once we begin to take in the proper essential balance of foods and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Every individual needs to plan a diet to suit their life style and society health conditions to lead a healthy life. If a diet plan has not been made so far please feel free to conduct our dieticians at the diet clinic. The dieticians in this clinic not only plan diet specific for your needs but will also educate on healthy eating habits and foods to be avoided. Counseling is also provided for patients wishing their children to be healthy and resistant to periodic infections. Information on safe dietary practice will also be provided.

Other Activities

• The dietary department participates in various exhibitions organized in the district of Coimbatore where the public is informed on safe dietary practice.

• The department participates in various camps organized by PSG Hospitals for specific group of patients such as diabetic, obese, hypertensive etc.

• The staff of the department offer guest lectures in various industrial units of the district of Coimbatore.

• The department also helps industrial houses and educational institutions in organizing diet related workshops for their employees and their families.