What is this Seminar for?

PSG Hospitals offers a seminar for therapists, teachers, and psychology councilors with a goal to ensure that all parents of the children diagnosed with ASD have access to the information that will help in better understanding of autism disorder as well as child’s behavior and learning style that accompanies their disability.
The focus of the seminar is to ensure understanding of autism spectrum disorders, understanding their learning needs, to improve their social communication and behavioral needs of individuals with ASD. We will teach you how to identify child ’s individuality and how to use the information to solve problem and educate them.
The seminar is a combination of lecture, discussion and time for individual question and answer.



  • Break the myths about available therapies.
  • Find the reason why some therapies are better than others.
  • Know why there is variability in response amongst children with autism but on same therapy volume.
  • Counselling Parents to understand and individualise the effectiveness of therapy.

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